Welcome to MGP Infinity IMPACT

We work with private, public and social sector organisations to understand, achieve and maximise their objectives and outcomes.

Drawing on our breadth of experience and foresight, we look at social investment to energise and leverage for your organisation’s best advantage.

We connect and bring together diverse parties to create new models and ways of doing business. We are committed to client service and to our vision of the financial system as a force for good.

Through our network of impact investors and philanthropists, we connect organisations looking to raise capital and educate new ones. We advise on growth, strategy, and fundraising to scale their impact in the private, public and social sectors.

We have developed expertise across all market sectors, providing professional independent specialist advice and high-quality client solutions.

We are diverse professionals, from corporate finance, entrepreneurship, law, and social impact backgrounds.

We are committed to building a platform for the social and environmental impact that supports entrepreneurs, charities, and the private sector to deliver social sector benefits while they are performing well.


Corporate Social Responsibility

To integrate societal issues into value creatio and to build business models creating shared values, encompasses the management of social and environmental impacts.

To contribute to impacts by using our expertise to design the evaluation techniques for our specific clients, contributing to the management of social responsibility performance to deliver effective results.

Impact Measurement

Unlocking insights, challenging established thinking and building capacity to sharpen social development competitive edge.

We align goals, outcomes, and indicators at the program or portfolio level, collect and reporting the relevant data to measure the socil development impact.

Social Sector Income Generation

There is a growing breed of entrepreneurs that are setting up ventures whose aim is to accept lower income margins while addressing intractable problems in the water, health, renewable energy, agriculture and other social sectors.

We employ our experience in handling projects dealing with income generation.

Social Sector Strategy

With a deep understanding to identify our client's objectives or priorities, we harvest opportunities to enhance the social impact value, f formulating & implementing  recommendations/solutions. 

We are experts in preparing grant proposals, business plans, and presentations (investor decks) including financial projections.

 Social Investment & Fundraising

We work exclusively with high-impact private, public and social sector organisations and funds.

We support their capital raising activity through financial advisory work, and introduce them to institutional and individual investors who share their objectives and values.

Social Sector Market Intelligence & Analytics

Delivering relevant, insightful and useful research papers, reports and literature.

We combines varied innovative research methodologies and tools, including insights from subject matter leaders and analysis of emerging trends, to help our clients understand and effectively work with the complexity of different issues driving sustainability strategy, governance, performance, reporting and policy development.




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