Corporate Social Responsibility aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical.

This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.

It can involve a range of activities such as:

  • Working in partnership with local communities
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI)
  • Developing relationships with employees and customers
  • Environmental protection and sustainability

Social Enterprises have as their main purpose the fulfilment of social or environmental goals, as opposed to a business that tries to achieve its financial goals while minimising any negative impact on society or the environment.


We use evidence and outcome-based frameworks to assess and quantify the social and environmental impacts of an organisation’s strategy, programs, products, and services.

We use our framework to help organisations develop impact metrics and KPIs, measure performance, communicate results and set future goals.

We help you create the right program to understand your culture and align it with your strategy.

Our framework aligns to the culture you need to achieve your strategic objectives.

Engagement drives success, high engagement organisations are more profitable and have higher customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Organisations who embrace this approach harness the power of culture to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

This includes:

  • Objective setting and scoping
  • Impact assessment tool development
  • Metrics and KPI development
  • Impact Performance Scorecards
  • Impact Reporting
  • “Impact-Optimised” product and service design


A social enterprise is driven by the needs of the community versus the ideas of what is going to make the most money, however, there is competition for funding.

There has been a drive towards social enterprise and income-generation for non-profit.

This is due to that competitiveness around funding, but also because it is recognised that social enterprise brings forward a really powerful method for the actual delivery of greater social impact.

Generating an income is a critical aspect of an organisation's transition into a social enterprise.


We provide strategic advice to private, public and social sector organisations to help them efficiently maximise impact.


  • Defining strategic areas for collaboration across sectors
  • Scoping and identifying the right partners to ensure an effective and successful collaboration
  • Advising on governance, providing set-up support and ongoing facilitation services
  • Managing the definition of goals and develop core programmes
  • Implement a framework and measurement tools to assess the performance and social impact of strategies

Generating income is at the core of every social enterprise. Even though the aim is not to make a profit, the income generated can still be used to support the workings of the enterprise, and therefore, its purpose.

We help nonprofit organisations that are seeking to incorporate some form of revenue generation through commercial means into their operations.

Integrated into the organisation's other activities, we aim to provide the strategy to maximise revenue relative to the organisation’s overall budget and traditional fundraising contributions.

Our strategy framework includes:

  • Manage strategic review processes, develop and assess options for improvement
  • Analyse internal management processes and quantify potential cost savings through change
  • Refine an organisation’s theory of change and strategically assess its portfolio of activities against it
  • Advise on simple and effective ways to manage data on inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes
  • Conduct in-depth quantitative analyses on costs versus benefits, including NPV and SROI analyses


We provide advisory and investment and fundraising services, which can include introductions to high-net-worth individual and institutional investors in our network.

For impact investment funds, we also provide support on structuring funds.

Whatever your size, we are experts in matching businesses and funds with the right, values-aligned investors.

Our Solutions Include:

Market Scoping

  • Pipeline analysis
  • Feasibility studying
  • Investor sourcing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Testing strategy

Fund Structuring, Modelling & Impact Assessment Framework

  • Fund structuring
  • Legal/governance
  • Financial modeling
  • Cost analysis & fee structuring
  • Talent sourcing

Fund Marketing & Positioning

  • Presentations
  • Positioning
  • Prospectus/IM
  • Due diligence documents

Capital Raising & Placement

  • Investor outreach
  • Facilitating due diligence
  • Negotiation & closing


Our research consultancy services include research strategy planning, advice on research design, and carrying out quantitative, qualitative and desk research projects.

Data Collection is mainly through desk research analysing published statistics and previous research. We also use preliminary desk research to help with scoping more complex assignments.

We prioritise your market research needs and advise on the most suitable research approaches as well as research project design, project management and data collection fieldwork through local associates.

We use our experience to interpret the data intelligently, highlight key findings and draw out insights, also carrying out statistical analysis such as significance testing on trends, cluster analysis to segment target audiences or multiple regression to identify key drivers of stakeholder satisfaction.

We also communicate research evidence that is grounded in the data, clear and accessible. We separate findings clearly from conclusions and recommendations. We disseminate results through presentations, and written reports. 

We deliver insights that are action-oriented, to help improve the performance of your organisation.

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